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To add a new station to please complete the form on this page. Once we receive your station registration, we will begin the process setting up your station's page.
• We will email you to start the process of getting your station's page on the site.

• Depending on how quickly our email correspondence takes place, we can usually get a station's page up in a day with all products ready for purchase. Prompt responding is to be promptly added to the site!

• When we start registration correspondence, the quicker you approve station designs such as embroidery and screen-printing layouts the quicker we can get your station’s page up and running.

• Be ready to send clear pictures of any prior embroidery and/or screen-print designs if wanting to continue with existing station apparel designs.

• If you would like your station's page to be private, where only station members can browse and shop your page, please choose private in the registration form. If you have browsed the site, you may have noticed some station pages are blank, that is because those stations have chosen to have private pages for station members only.

• If you opt to make your station's page private, be sure to tell your members to enter the station they belong to when they sign up for an individual customer account, so they may view and shop your station's page, otherwise they will not be able to view or purchase your station's products.


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